Battery Cables & Interconnects

Precision Cable Assemblies is a competitive leader in battery cables for lawn and garden, marine, truck/trailer chassis, construction equipment, and recreation vehicles.

We specialize in the manufacturing of conventional and custom power cables.


Lead Cast

  • Customizable options to fit various tapered post configurations (straight, right angle, reverse, and reinforced options, etc.).

Ring-Ring Terminals

  • Based on wire gauge, PCA can offer open barrel or lug configurations to handle single or multiple-lead configurations.  Cables can be managed with a wide variety of covering options such as braid, sleeve, and convoluted tubing.

Flat Strap

  • While flat strap cables are less common than standard insulated ground cables, their specifications and design typically require a thimble and stamped hole configuration. We have the ability to modify our current tooling to meet customer specific designs.

Battery Interconnects

  • A variety of overmold materials can be used; lengths and number of terminal configurations are fully customizable.

Booster Cables

  • PCA provides a variety of co-extruded cable configurations to meet customer specifications.