A Leading Global Manufacturer of Battery Cables, Wire Harnesses
& Custom Molded Cable Assemblies

Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind everything we do.

Real teamwork, a strong sense of urgency, and an ongoing dedication to built-in quality make the difference in our ability to respond to client needs. PCA operates a lean production organization with a  focus on continual process improvement. Our customers’ success is the standard by which we operate.

Our employees’ knowledge and experience are central to each new project we undertake. Design and production improvements are based on more than thirty years of application and industry specific experience.  This benefits our customers and ensures that tough manufacturing problems and unique environmental requirements are resolved quickly and effectively.

High Value, Low Costs, and Great Customer Satisfaction. PCA’s in-house "design-to-build" and prototyping prowess, combined with advanced manufacturing techniques and proven process management, keep production costs low and customer satisfaction high.